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Management Services

Self-management of a rental property is a full-time job. Our services can save you time and can often increase your profitability. Here are a few reasons you may want to utilize our services:

    Enjoy your sleep at night?
    We will take those calls for emergency repairs and maintenance requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

    What do you do if a tenant does not pay rent?
    No need to worry. We will collect rent and enforce action to attempt collection, while serving proper notice per law and policies intact.

    Do you keep up with the changes in law regarding leasing?
    This is part of our business. We will apply federal, state, and local laws to help keep you and your investment in compliance. Arizona legalizing the use of medical marijuana is one example. However, incorporation of this in the lease is carefully constructed to abide by the law while protecting your asset.

    Want to save money on repairs, advertising and more?
    Our business is real estate, encompassing marketing and property maintenance. We have a network of contacts for repairs, advertising, etc, and have rates that are discounted as a result.

    Want a FULL TIME ACCOUNTANT to oversee your investment?
    We have a full time accountant to manage trust accounts while providing monthly reporting. This is not a contracted accountant, either, but an IN-HOUSE accountant that manages the financials.

    Did you know that licensed assistants are required for many property management tasks?
    We have a full time licensed assistant ready to show your home and assist in the management process. Substantive policy 2005.04 issued by the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner delineates the following: An unlicensed assistant shall not perform the following activities:

    • Hold/host an open house without an agent being present
    • Perform a walk-through inspection
    • Answer questions relating to a transactional document
    • Give instructions to inspectors, appraisers or maintenance/repair people. Because these instructions are part of the licensee’s regular duties and there is a direct relationship to the (potential) transaction, a license is required in order to give instructions to inspector’s appraisers or repair/maintenance people. We abide by the law and understand it is necessary to invest in a professional that is licensed to assist with the process.

    Spanish Speaking Services by LICENSED REALTORS®
    We have the ability to communicate in Spanish to renters and landlords that may prefer to speak Spanish. The Designated Broker, Victoria Blass, is on the NAHREP-AZ board, and they are in the midst of updating all forms to reflect in Spanish collaboratively with AAR. In the interim, we utilize our Spanish Speaking licensed staff to assist with this need.

    Tenant Showings, Screening and Documents all done for you!
    We have a full time licensed assistant ready to show your home. Background checks, employment history, etc. is all done for you. Consultation of vacancy vs. rental loss is assessed to provide you guidance for situations that may require special assessment.

    FREE ACH payments!
    Payments are made easy and seamless with free ACH payments! At no charge to the tenant, it is an easier process which promotes quicker payment and results in you being paid quicker!

    Photos AND Video for pre-occupancy!
    To protect you and your property, we document the state of your property with photos and video prior to a tenant moving in.

    Save time, money and headaches by having us manage your property.
    With the discounts you receive from advertising, the benefit of utilizing our accountant, the larger rent we command and bulk rates on property maintenance, you often net more utilizing a property manager versus managing on your own. Not to mention opportunity costs!!

At RE/MAX Results we understand the importance of maintaining the assets in your portfolio. We cover all aspects of management, including renting, leasing, operating, capital improvements, repairs, maintenance, and managing assets. Our other duties include tenant screening, credit history checks, criminal background checks and fair housing analysis during evaluation. Moreover, we use a certification and re-certification process to verify household income and other qualifications.

We use a multifaceted system to keep your properties occupied, including for rent signs, social media, video, traditional methods and grassroots implementation, along with our comprehensive networking. Our networking extends to MLS collaboration, publication on the front and back cover of and skilled usage of online resources. Note that RE/MAX Results invests in additional advertising that includes commercials, publications, internet search leads relative to Tucson homes, and continually staying on top of market trends relative to advertising.

All advertising is compliant with Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws. Being that we are clients of HUD currently (via BLB Resources), we understand the requirements therein. Moreover, we closely work with the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner and have attended educational seminars, coupled with hosting 2 seminars in 2012, regarding Fair Housing in Tucson.